Boluwee Elementary School

Boluwee Elementary School

The Boluwee Elementary School will benefit greatly from cleaner toilets for the students and nutritious feeding programs.

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  • Raised: $100
  • Goal: $18,000

Through a nonprofit initiative launched by The New Jerusalem Baptist Church, The Boluwee School of Excellence was built in 2015 and today, it is the second home of 300 students. Located in Banjor, Virginia, a community of over 25,000 residents, the school is considered overcrowded with 30% of the children not attending classes.

Pictured to the left is what the current state of their toilet looks like. As you can see it is in need of a complete re-building. Consider donating to keep their feeding program on track.

In spite of the school charging lower fees than other public schools, there’s one big challenge that poses a serious health hazard in this place – the lack of clean toilets. Another cause of frustration is that Boluwee Elementary School is barred from participating in feeding programs which means most of the students go to class and go home hungry.

Our specific missions at HOKATHS for this school are to maintain the feeding program and build clean and functional toilets to cater to 300 students. We are prepared to do our best but we need more helping hands and generous hearts to complete this project. The students and community of Boluwee Elementary School are counting on you to contribute what you can, may it be time, money, construction materials and other resources, for us to ensure that the toilets will be built to last. Your donation will also pave the way for the much-need feeding program to continue for the students’ well-being and future.

Our doors are open to people around the world who share our care for children and our compassion for poor communities in Liberia.

Your own time, money, school supplies and skills are their hope so they can pay it forward and help their families and neighboring communities in the future.

"We’re a humanitarian organization working with poor people and communities to make the world a better place for all"